The art of being a great nurse: illustrated by Victor Lodevico

Here’s a video we put together so you could get to know Victor Lodevico, the artist behind the SuperCaptainBraveMan series.

Not only is Victor an amazing illustrator, he also happens to be Kyle Norman’s nurse in real life.

You’ll see the love and commitment Victor has for Kyle, which has helped fuel the magic of his artwork.

We’re so thankful for Victor, and we hope you enjoy his SuperCaptainBraveman illustrations as much as we do!


SuperCaptainBraveMan featured in New York Social Diary

We just received our first bit of press coverage today, woohoo!  It appeared in Liz Smith’s New York Social Diary column…

ALTHOUGH WE cover many books here, and many genres, we rarely take on children’s books. But a new series of kids books caught my attention. The series is called “The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan” and it debuts on April 23rd. The first of the series is titled “A Day at the Park.”

This was written, lovingly, by Jennifer and Paul Norman, based on the heroic struggle of their son, Kyle, who battles a rare genetic disorder, requiring constant care. Paul Norman says: “The books are intended to help parents encourage their children to appreciate those with physical, behavioral of neurological challenges. We want to make superheroes out of all kids, so they grow up with really strong values.” The book is charmingly illustrated by nurse-turned-artist Victor Lodevico.


Click to pre-order“The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan.”

I’ll admit right off, I have met Paul Norman on a number of occasions, and he is a terrific guy and father. I met him through my great friend Liz Rosenberg, who sent me the information about this endeavor. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Liz, and although she now handles only a select few show-biz types, it is always with such humanity that it is impossible to refuse her, or not to love her clients, because she presents them as she wishes all people to be — loving and generous. Just as she is.

SuperCaptainBraveMan Screen Shot

So, I know this project is valid and must mean a lot to her. And to be honest, it’s a welcome deviation for us. The adults we shamelessly flatter here on a daily basis — or wrap on the knuckles occasionally — can take care of themselves. As Sitting Bull said: “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”
To learn more about these books, and Kyle, go to and A portion of the book proceeds go to support The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.


It’s so nice to see that word is spreading about SuperCaptainBraveMan!  Thanks for reading!

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