SuperCaptainBraveMan Joins the TinySuperheroes Squad

Today was a very special day! Kyle ‘SuperCaptainBraveMan’ Norman received a special package in the mail from TinySuperheroes!


When we opened it up, we found a ‘Welcome to the Squad’ box inside!


The Squad Box contained a bracelet, sticker, squad postcards and best of all, a personalized cape!



We’re so proud that Kyle ‘SuperCaptainBraveMan’ Norman now has an official TinySuperheroes cape and is part of an elite squad of special kids. These kids are Fighters. Survivors. Can-Doers. Never-Say-Noers. It is such an honor for Kyle to be one of the chosen few!

Watch the unboxing video here.

About TinySuperheroes

Tiny Superheroes mission is to empower all TinySuperheroes everywhere one cape at a time. Robyn Rosenberger is the founder of TinySuperheroes. In August 2012, her nephew was celebrating his 2nd birthday and so she made him a superhero cape. She then went on to make more capes for other kids (and dogs) in her life.

During that time, Robin had been following a blog about a sweet girl named Brenna who was born with a very rare and severe skin disorder called Harlequin Ichthyhosis. She was born just 2 months after her son, and so Robin became invested in her journey, reading her blog daily. One day, Robin decided to contact Brenna’s family to send her and her brother capes in January 2013. At that moment, TinySuperheroes was born.

A small hobby of making capes turned into a movement in just months. In its first year, with the help of supporters all over the world, Tiny Superheroes was able to send over 4,000 capes to extraordinary kids in all 50 states and 16 countries. Children with cancer, congenital heart defects, Epilepsy, undiagnosed syndromes, rare diseases, Autism, and all sorts of other TinySuperhero powers have revealed their true identities through their capes.


To learn more about Tiny Superheroes, to order a cape or to nominate a child for a cape, please visit

Author: supercaptainbraveman

I'm a kid who has different physical abilities than other kids. I like helping kids become friends with each other, no matter what they may or may not be able to do.

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